In 1998 Jason Parkes started Premium Skate Designs to produce high quality concrete and wooden skate parks, using custom made tools and construction methods. Premium Skate Designs has the experience and knowledge to ensure your community receives the best quality skate park possible.

All our concrete is poured in situ giving Premium Skate Designs the freedom to form any shape or sized obstacle( unlike prefabricated pre cast cookie cutter firms)All shaping is done with customised templates and then the concrete is finished smooth .Precise shaping of the concrete/shotcrete is the key to a smooth kink free surface.

For our outdoor wooden Structures Premium Skate Designs use dressed H3 tanalised timber with three layers for the surface normally 2 layers of 12mm H3 CD plywood and 1 layer of 7mm skate-light is used, fixed down with S/S steel screws.For the platforms 17mm H3 CD ply wood is used with a layer of skate-light fixed down with S/S screws.All mechanical fixings are S/S or hot dipped galvanised, all steel copings are hot dipped galvanised – Indoor structures are made the same way except we use untreated timber.

Method, Services & skills

  • Site Prep & Layout
  • Excavation
  • Drainage & Sub grade Metal
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Formwork
  • Installation of Steel Work
  • Pool Coping
  • Concrete / Shotcrete Placing
  • Concrete / Shotcrete Finishing
  • Park Maintenance